Madeby 2023 Reel

It’s been 3 years since we set up our little shop here in the basin. And what a 3 years! We’ve been able to work with some absolutely bangarang clients, make animations that get our motors going and meet amazing people.

…Baby, you can find me under the lights…

“It’s been our absolute pleasure getting to work with such visible brands and on such stand out work,” said Madeby animator Kelly Tan.

We get it though, who wants to trawl through endless videos. This is the “reels” era. So we made it easy for you. 

A pumping track, some of our highlights (we couldn’t possibly fit all of them in here)

…Come along for the ride?…

So if you like what you see, if you’re digging the vibe or just have questions… let’s do this. Get in touch. Come along for the ride!




(We’ll never tell)

Thanks for Watching