Animation v Live-Action

Animation v Live-Action

Agrabah, Dennis the Menace & Jessica Rabbit. Just three things animation has done better than live-action. But those aside, why choose animation over live-action?

Well, we’re here to do some shameless self-promotion and tell you why.

1 – Square Eyes – the whole world, just about, has square eyes right now. Until a couple of months ago you’d have thought we’d reached peak screen time. But then along came COVID-19 and said


Getting your message in front of eyes has never been easier in the history of mankind.

2 – Will Any old Video do? Long answer and short answer amount to the same thing here…. NO! A live-action video at a time where you can’t leave your house at worst or stand within talking distance at best? I don’t think so. Bless their souls but just watch any of the YouTube/Instagram videos of your favourite late-night talk show hosts as they make their TV shows in their living rooms right now and it’s easy to see just how much work goes into making these things look good. 

3 –  That’s where animation is here to save the day

    • It doesn’t require sets, cast, crew or any of the other things that go along with a live-action shoot.
    • You can visualise anything you want, and budgets permitting you can make it happen, want dancing unicorns? You got it. Want to pull your product apart and get inside it like Martin Short in Inner Space? Animation can do that.
    • You can brand it the exact shade of whatever colour it is that your marketing guru has decided best represents your company’s ethos.
    • It can express the abstract. Find it hard to explain exactly what it is that you do? Or does what you do not really have a “doing” element? Animation can help bring that intangible to life.

Look, cards on the table, we love live-action. It’s awesome and does an amazing job in a lot of ways. But right now it’s super impractical and unfeasible. There will come a time when we’re able to get back out and shoot film, digital or tape to our hearts delight but right now animation is here to help you solve your marketing woes. If you’ve used it before you know just how effective it can be. If you’ve never used it before, get ready to make a life long friend.

So if you’re sitting at home and thinking, “I wonder how I can possibly get my company out there without real-life actors speaking my prosaic verse” (we all speak like that, right?) then look no further, take a cue from those sublime wordsmiths De La Soul and “leave your name and your number and we’ll get back to you”.

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